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About Us: For the Africa child, the only hope he’s got to ever competing favorably or even excelling well in a constantly growing digital world, is the depth of knowledge he has got on vital digital and technological ideas. Obviously, before now, it was usually said that the best way to hide things from an African man is to hide it in a book, for he’ll never have a reason to open it, furthermore going global, the digital age has provided us as Africans an edge over that saying because smartphones have brought the previously hidden information right to our doorstep, now, even closer (on our smartphones).

To that very reason why we do this (an ideal African Entrepreneur), getting valuable information as it concerns its immediate digital environment has somewhat been unattended to, it’s importance unrecognized and completely neglected despite the expedient changes occurring daily around us on our various digital devices…

For this very reason, the brand KID_Africa was birthed to bridge the gap between African entrepreneurs and valuable digital marketing information.
As an NGO brand, our passion lies in providing the African entrepreneur who before now had been deprived of this valuable information with the very best of 21st-century digital marketing and advertisement ideas and services to enable them to compete favorably with their counterparts in other parts of the world…

We are a 21st century youth oriented digital company. We offer social/digital media marketing services to local businesses and corporate brands to aid promotion and increase sales of their products and services to a wide range of audience online and beyond.

We provide branding and logistics to local businesses, we help create valued awareness and exposure for our clients online through social media marketing and professional internet marketing strategies.

The #KID_Africa dream website is professionally designed to meet the needs of a 21st century business entrepreneur. It was created as a portal for conveying vital business and digital marketing ideas applicable to the 21st century environ. A 21st century business website designed specifically to provide valued business ideas to help entrepreneurs and aid business brands interact digitally between themselves and excel greatly in a constantly changing social atmosphere with the use of our OFFICIAL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM- UYO.

The website offers  news on recent digital innovations to keep its readers updated on the latest trends in today’s technological world. As well as notable, eventful and inspiring information to enhance the mind of our audiences as well as their potentials.



Partnering with us affords anyone the opportunity to become a member of the #KID_Africa team. As a member of the team, its our policy that you own 100% of what accrues from your work, (you donate only 20 percent of your total annual profit from the accumulated sales of your project into the company’s charity account to assist us maintain the brand, run administrative obligations and keep this website perfectly running for *US*) You operate under the full influence and coverage of the #KID_Africa ambience  and as well retain access to our services which will guarantee an edge over your competition and help you succeed in a highly competitive and constantly changing digital atmosphere.


for partnership/sponsorship and promotions, email our official business email address: kidafricabiz@yahoo.com


Official Social Media Platform: UYO

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