From The Founders desk, 2019 in review – KID_Africa

From The Founders desk, 2019 in review:

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Good day everyone and a wonderful Xmas celebration we wish you all, it’s been a wonderful year for all of us here at www.kidafricalive.org, 3 years ago from being a team of like-minded millennials with the sole aim of collective musical success to becoming a full fledged 21st Century Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency poised with the responsibility of providing invaluable digital marketing services, ideas and information, online creative management and entrepreneurial services to our digitally savvy entrepreneur clients and disciples of the brand #KID_Africa, talented millennials whom before now were completely inept digitally.
From The Founders desk, 2019 in review - KID_Africa

founder KID_Africa

From The Founders desk, 2019 in review: The core values of our organization is centered on creating maximum awareness in the minds of our followers about the digital revolution of the new decade(2020 and above), hence getting them digitally prepared for it, by providing them with the necessary ideas and information they’ll need to excel digitally, mentor and also assist them whenever the need arise. It’s important to note that to have achieved all we have during this year in review(2019), we couldn’t have gone this far without the cooperation, believe and unwavering support of you our fans, disciples and clients of the brand #KID_Africa. On a space of one year, we have been able to exclusively host, release and promote some of the biggest projects to have been released in our city, UYO in the year 2019, with reach, engagement, reviews and statistics to show for it

From The Founders desk, 2019 in review - KID_Africa

From The Founders desk, 2019 in review – KID_Africa


From The Founders desk, 2019 in review:

#KOB (KingOfB.I.A.F.R.A) debut album project by C-khan Forbes which was our first exclusively promoted, marketed and published album project, released late last year, till date, is the most successful independent project to be released by an independent brand from the city UYO, having generated about $325,35 to further aid the artist reinvest in his arts, and all these was achieved with the limited resources in our disposal as a 2 year old brand at the time.

for kidafriclive.org


From The Founders desk, 2019 in review - KID_Africa

From The Founders desk, 2019 in review – KID_Africa

In Addition to #KOB (KingOfB.I.A.F.R.A) Project by C-khan Forbes, we’ve also worked officially and of-course Exclusively with great musical artiste like JSongz, KeezyWiller, Abee Daniel, Frederick Lainz and Krozzy Beatz, providing them with the best online creative management services available and momentarily helping them achieve feets never before attend while opening their eyes to the possibilities that abound. below is a link to all our creative management jobs(music) for the year 2019👇

for kidafricalive.org



In addition to these, as a full fledged Digital Marketing Agency in Uyo, sometime in March, we assisted an offline clothing line in UyoFamous Exclusive wear

FAMOUS EXCLUSIVE WEARS, located at number 371 oron road, uyo, Akwa Ibom State sell 38 units on his merchandise(vintage inspired shirts) that were displayed Exclusively on our platform, these are little feats worth celebrating for it was never before achieved on our platform, below is a link to the official blog post👇


Although the integration process wasn’t as perfect at the time as we would have loved it to be, owing to the state of our site and experience at that time. we apologize for the inconveniences faced by our users who were unable to  successfully make purchases and for those who placed their order successfully, we thank you for your contribution into making our dream a success.

Furthermore, Being the BIGGEST and the MOST INNOVATIVE digital online platform in the city of UYO in Akwa Ibom State and its environs with an estimated reach of 15,000 unique monthly visitors, we’ve been working endlessly on building a better atmosphere which would aid us provide a more effective digital representation to our clients and followers. Instinctively, these drive has lead us into creating our own SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM known as the BORN REBEL NETWORK. unlike the name would suggest, the Born Rebel Network isn’t about causing physical disruption as would juvenile delinquents but rather digital disruptions as the case may be.

for kidafricalive.org/brn

The Born Rebel Network is the official social media platform created for the followers of the brand www.kidafricalive.org (the BIGGEST and MOST INNOVATIVE digital online brand is Uyo, Akwa Ibom state), to always keep them informed first hand, of the latest trends,  innovations, articles and products on our website. In addition to this, the platform is created exclusively to aid its users who are mostly technological savvy entrepreneurs, promote their various businesses, lifestyle, while also helping them network between themselves and among trusted brands to the company. Having amassed a total of 15,000 unique monthly followers, we’ve leveraged on the possibilities that those figures provide to give back to our loyal customers by coming up with these platform.

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If you’ve noticed lately, the rate at which our Facebook Accounts gets hacked and deleted without prior warning is becoming alarming, sometime in 2017 after my own personal business Facebook accounts got hacked with very valuable connections built over the years disappearing into thin air, it became a lifelong dream to create an easy to use social media interface that would help us protect our core and most valuable connections on a more secured platform should in case our accounts gets hacked. Today that lifelong dream has manifested in the form of Born Rebel Network

jsongz on brn

Jsongz on Born Rebel Network


in a simple lay mans term and understanding, what all these means is, take for instance, you’re a fashion designer, a graphic designer, an artiste, a writer, a poet, an architect or an entrepreneur, all you’ll have to do on the platform is to post your artworks, incredible sample designs, your poems, and your products or services, letting the whole world know what you do, and we’ll use our official business websites www.kidafricalive.org to promote your content to a huge number of audiences which will possibly include your potential customers and clients. you stand a chance of having your content featured on our main website as an article, an interview, and or your products for sales…

We are aware of all the possibilities that owning a website and social media platform of this magnitude presents and our drive lies in using all of them to further assist our clients and followers achieve their longterm goals…

As a brand we strongly believe there is a digital revolution coming and it begins in  the next decade (2020), hence we have made it our responsibility to provide FREE digital marketing knowledge and ideas to young and growing entrepreneurs to help them sale their products and services effortlessly and compete favorably with their counterparts in other parts of the world. we ploy everyone who reads this to make reading Articles from our official business website a lifestyle, it’s the best Xmas present we can give to anyone for free…

Finally It is worth mentioning that as part of our charity organizations obligations, we had on the 24th of December visited the motherless babies home in Uyo and donated a token of our profits from this years project sales in kind sum to assist the less privileged kids have a wonderful Xmas celebration..


In conclusion, we show immerse gratitude to every single follower of the brand #KID_Africa, we know that without your support, our little efforts at spreading the gospel and giving back to our community would be in vain. From next year we intend to reward our most active and engaging followers with free goodies every now and then, please, always endeavor to share our post, drop important comments on our website and recommend our services to your friends and family yo qualify.

TO BECOME A PART OF OUR NEXT YEARS ONLINE CREATIVE MANAGEMENT SERVICES, tell us about your art, business or services by filling the contact form below and one of our staffs will get back to you within 24 hours with a memo👇

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