SEO Link Building Strategies

One of the most important factors for achieving competitive rankings in the search engines is to continually develop a diverse range of inbound links to your website.  There are many factors to consider when creating a link building strategy that will support the SEO effort and add sustainable value to your online visibility.


The search engines take many things into consideration when assigning rankings to websites such as:

  • Your domain and the age of that domain
  • Quality and volume of on-page content
  • Relevancy of your website to your industry
  • Quality and volume of inbound links to your website


Why is Link Building So Important for SEO?

Of the many on-page and off-page factors that the search engines like Google consider when assigning rankings, the volume and quality of relevant inbound anchor text links is one of the most crucial elements.  Inbound links are considered a “vote” of authority for your website.  The search engines basically assume that if other relevant quality websites are linking to your website, that you must be considered an authority and have great content to share.  The search engines are always trying to improve user expereience and deliver the most relevant results for users, so when a website has a good diverse mix of inbound links relevant to the keywords, the search engines increase your rankings.


What is Involved in Link Building for SEO?

There are many different strategies and tactics to use when developing a link building strategy for any SEO campaign.  It all starts with keyword research and performing on-page SEO methods to lay the foundation.  Keep in mind that there are two main ways to build links.  One approach is more passive and involves developing great content such as blogs and videos that people want to link to and share with others.  The other approach is more aggressive which is where an SEO agency like Internet Marketing Inc. comes into play!

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Some of these tactics include:

  • Directory submissions
  • Hosted marketing pages
  • Article syndication links
  • Approved blogs
  • Blog comments
  • Blog syndications
  • Forums
  • Social bookmarking
  • Optimized press releases
  • Anchor text permanent links
  • Leverage existing partnerships
  • Link baiting

Factors for Determining Link Quality

Any website with competitive rankings in the search engines usually has a large volume of very diverse links.  Link diversity means that there are a wide range of websites linking to your site in a variety of different ways.  The most effective links will be anchor text links.  A link with your domain name or a link that says “Click Here” will not be as effective as a link with one of your important keywords embedded in relevant content.  To achieve high rankings a website needs a mix of low, medium, and high quality links.  Quality is generally determined by the PageRank assigned by Google.  PageRank takes many things into consideration such as:

  • Content
  • Link text
  • Surrounding text
  • Title tags
  • Age of the page
  • Age of the domain
  • Age of the links
  • Site-wide links VS. content links
  • Adjacent links
  • Geolocation
  • Diversity

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Regardless of the methods used, Internet Marketing Inc.’s SEO experts stay on top of the most advanced natural methods for search engine optimization link building.

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