Chief Godswill Obot Akpabio the Founding Father of the new Akwa Ibom state? – #KID_Africa

Chief God’swill Obot Akpabio aka the Originator of the new Akwa Ibom state, savior of his people and the redeemer of our lost glory… 

With no blasphemy intent, It’s only a stranger or a hater who would argue or doubt the absolute certitude of the above statement for it’s no more a secret to every indigene and residents of Akwa Abasi Ibom state that the magnanimity of your political aptitude you had made sufficient unto all regardless of religion or ethnicity. It is for a fact that before your tenure as the executive governor of the good people of Akwa Abasi Ibom state, the integrity of the state and the face of it’s people on the hearts of the rest of the nation was a thing of chagrin when mentioned, and the significance of it’s father’s name “Abasi” was greatly doubted, for negativity was highly synonymous with it’s people when referenced. But though not in the same capacity adding to the difference in era, still, just like Jesus brought redemption to the Christendom, you redeemed the faith of every Akwa Ibomite, when we were just at the verge of being swept under the carpet on the national map and gave us hope, made us proud enough to affirm and declare Akwa Ibom state as our state of origin which wasn’t the case before your tenure as a result of the backwardness we were placed in due to the lack of visible positive development. As a 21st Century future thinking leader, well traveled and well schooled, with your knowledge of the importance of quality education to a 21st Century kid, your mighty hand of benevolence also stretched into the educational sector, for on upon your assumption into office, you made quality education free and compulsory for every Akwa Ibom child from the nursery section even on to the senior secondary level, for which I am a beneficiary of, and as if this wasn’t enough, you put it upon your self to grant every graduating law student who is an indigene of Akwa Abasi Ibom state and has successfully been called to bar with a laptop to aid their research and documentation process in a 21st Century environs, feet never before experienced before your emergence into office as the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom state…

Your 21st Century football stadium has undoubtedly made us the football capital of Nigeria, the first of it’s kind and magnitude in the whole of West Africa, having played host to more international football matches than any other state. The very people who chided, insulted and accused you of embezzling funds to erect the structure are the same people now scuffling to sell tickets each time a match is being played. The stadium has helped generate more revenue for the state and has created employment for a good number of idle youths who would probably have been involved in different vices by now, Indeed you not only saw the future but u believed and lived in it…
In 8 years as a governor you not only raised the bar of governance in Nigeria but also made it a leveled and rich ground for your subordinates to flourish on for you pursued governance with an uncommon anger never before experienced in the annals of our history which the result was an unprecedented and massive positive development of the state, eventually turning it to a destination and a reference point for good governance.
The Ibom international airport, spearheaded and built by your regime from start to finish has been a huge blessing in disguise to the people, for it’s made it easy for local and foreign investors to troop into the state for business…
  It’s only a blind man that would claim to be oblivious of the numerous strides achieved under your stewardship. Hence, we the beneficiaries of your magnanimous acts of exemplary governance, are eternally indebted and grateful to you for all you’ve sacrificed and done for us as a people. God bless you our Grand Patron #KID_Africa


written by #CkForbes for #KID_Africa
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