Face of UYO Photo Contest Ep1


Face of UYO Photo Contest

How to Participate; Rules and Guidelines.

– This is a competition/contest, hence it is voluntary and payments are nonrefundable.
– The contest is open to both male and female.
– All Contestants must be like and be followers of the Facebook page https://Facebook.com/kidafricabiz and should invite their friends too.
– The registration fee is #500 and would be transferred to an account given by the admin.
– It is a face picture contest.
– Contest holds on the online site.
– The contest is judged based on number of reactions and likes on your photo.
– The contest is to last for a week.
– All Contestants are to send their photos with little details of themselves to the +2349036805654 alongside proof of their payment.
-Their pictures are designed with the UYO logo
Voting Procedures
°Register and sign up on the site Uyo.kidafricalive.org (compulsory). Contestants should also strictly inform their invited or mentioned friends to follow procedure to avoid void votes.
°Pay the sum of #500 to the detailed account.
°Like or react on the picture post of the Contestant you want to vote.
°Feel free to share the site links on any platform.
°Voting starts on 25th and ends on the 2nd of July. Results are then released later on the 3rd of July, by 6pm.

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Hello there! Are you beautiful, handsome, bold, daring, gorgeous, confident enough to be the Face of the Newest Social Media platform in the city of Uyo, called UYO, created by the people, for the people and with the people in mind… Everyone is talking about it already, don’t be left out… Registration is still on… Here's How to Participate °The contest as stated earlier is open to both male and female from 18years above with a registration fee placed at #500 °Interested participants should pay the fee using the account details below. 2100033838 Zenith Bank °Participants would then sign up on the platform by simply clicking on this link https://Uyo.kidafricalive.org/faceofuyo •Finally, Participants will Call or WhatsApp +2349036805654 for confirmation of registration… Brought to you by the biggest digital online brand in UYO… KID_Africa #FaceofUYO #Uyo #kid_africa

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