07 The Truce by Samuel Lawson



The Truce by Samuel Lawson

The Truce by Samuel Lawson


From the days of our fathers, culture and tradition has been in existence. It is a bar we struggle to reach and have paid top most priority to. This tradition has evolved around time and has become belief and now mindset. Why have I chosen to start with this, it is because the believes of the old has greatly influenced our living today in modern ways, ideas from the past to the present. One major believe still storming around us is the phrase that says “a man is above the woman and she can never be equal to a man”GENDER INEQUALITY

How ever this is proposed from the mindset of the male figure, and as we are most certain of the female figure always have a counter thought to this. Even in the days of the old the female have always fought against this idea, they raise their point and argue and if possible fight for what they believe and in case you are wondering what they believe this is it “a man and woman are equal and they should be treated equally” GENDER EQUALITY.

This debate has been on and till now we haven’t found a winner and perhaps we wouldn’t.
This struggle would continue as none has chosen to submit, why?
The male figure tells you “she was drawn out of me” and the female figure says “I complete him”. I am now therefore caught in between the saga or war as many would call it, and so I propose a truce.

Sequel to 07: 06 DIE-LOGUE by Ediomo Ebitu

Before we forge ahead let’s take a walk back to creation. The woman was formed out of the man, no doubt, but I wonder why was the thought of creating a woman formed, I’ll tell you. Man was lonely, man felt empty and needed a companion and so the woman was made, to keep the man company, so yes, the woman does complete a man, without the woman the man would be alone, but I still wonder without the man would the woman be formed.

I want to travel even in history to the tale of Lakshmi Bai Rani(Hindu queen) of Jhansi. She was a force to recon with, a shield hard to penetrate. Hail late queen Lakshmi Bai.
Incredible was she, powerful indeed, but her tale would never be told if she never became a queen and how did she become a queen by getting married to man(the king), for her story to be told she needed the man and in return she fought hard to keep the kingdom the man left behind, due to the painful call of death.

In this two travels we have seen how the man and woman have complimented each other, just like the head and the neck
The head being the man and the neck the woman.
The head does the thinking, the neck is a support to the head, without the neck the head wouldn’t exist, but if the head didn’t exist would the neck be useful, perhaps the neck too wouldn’t exist.. One needs the other to remain useful…

The male and female figure can never be truly equal for in many ways the man subdues the woman and also in many ways the woman has also subdued the man. This brings me to my truce – GENDER EQUITY.

“Gender Equity is not about the both genders holding the same position” a quote from a friend.
Equity is maintaining a balance through fairness and respect.
Gender equity is therefore both genders treating each other with fairness and respect to keep a balance between them.
When the woman subdues the man, she must treat him with respect, and when the man subdues the woman he must treat her with fairness.

I have a dream where this becomes a reality

I crave for this dream to be accepted by society

Where the order of the day is equity

And it is not talked about sarcastically





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