Bare – Tydale Bassey Abigail


Ever had a cock and need an hen?
Nothing’s these two to know of when.

Has your heart in a pleasant dine
Ask you only once that which is mine?

Steady seasons salient songs sing sorrows from the past.
How’d I stand than sit really fast?

Those bows and arrows from your covered cart
Have drilled dearest happiness from my simple heart.

In bits and ounce of flowing moments
Look how my eyes can collect your empty difference.

Served and brewed
But you’ve mocked and sacked what’s shrewd.

In my acquaintance with fame
Not a noise will you hear of my name.

Strike the deadliest blows to solace’ home
Rough hew you as you arrive the peak of the dome.

Remember the toil through thorns of tenderness
Not a dime of departure shall meet I and prosperity’s togetherness.

For the head you’ve dared a twist
To your face,it’ll blow a feast.

Get on now
Determined,never to go down.

© Tydale Bassey Abigail

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