“Brew” – Tydale House


So he caught my eyes in an angle so high.
He measured the length with his truthful lie…

And dashed his breathe in a stage so wide
That he could snap my heart in a little ride.

I was down digging real deep.
Blushing at the prints of my handy novel,
Giggling at the tune of every passing air
But his eyes had seen me through.

Too sad,
I’d only my silver liner on…
I’d also a top with a cut at the navel.
So, my skin was diamond glittering in the eyeballs of a familiar stranger.

But when I was dressed for school in less than an hour,
He struck my path with a bumping blast.
He crossed my legs with a speedy jeep.
And boxed my face with an angry smile.

So, I held my books with a breaking bond.
Pulled my steps with a pissing pass,
I chewed my gum like a gallant game,
Then threw a spit with sexy snub.

He waited to wrap my walk under the shade…
To flip through my hair like the pages of a hymn.
He wanted to watch my words from the presence of his lips.
But, I slamped his every guts.

I warned him from the starting point.
I’m no bitch with the butts for every bang.
I’m no pussy with the hairs for every touch.
I’m no room with the key for every visitor.

See, I’ve lands to land my landing loads.
I’ve homes to house my haunting hustle.
So, while you sweep, and swap and sweat,
Do not forget that I’m not your regular kind of girl.

©Tydale Bassey Abigail.

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