Cry,Child Cry! – Tydale Bassey Abigail

“Cry,Child Cry!”

Cry,child cry!
Cry aloud for the day to hear.
Let the sun rise to the beginning of your tears.
Out of the yards
Into the streets
Across the avenues
Let your tears flow
Although there are noises of the feet busy on the road,
Let your tears flow in tonnes.
And let them never stop at your cheeks,but flow into the streets.

Cry,child cry!
Feel no weight from the tray on your head.
Look not far at the miles you’ve covered.
From before your face
Into the distance
And within your breasts
Let your tears flow
Even when you can seize to cry
And abandon the goods to rest
Cry,for your voice can save you.

Cry,child cry!
If your father is living
What if your mother is wealthy?
It’d be go to school
Read your books
Get a good job.
But let your tears flow
Cry with utmost freedom that you cannot have.
Only the streets have crowned you worthy.
So,to the people,cry.

Cry,child cry!
Since you cannot afford a pen.
And since no formal gates can let you in.
Say to your heart
Look into your soul
March into the day.
Forget not to cry
Until your name can be called.
Even until your future can be saved.
But for now,cry,child cry!

*Dedicated to the street Nigerian Child.

 © Tydale Bassey Abigail

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