Did I? – Tydale Bassey Abigail

“Did I?”

Four years ago,
I stepped into this hallway.
I had a jerk in my right leg.
But my eyes brought me comfort.
They called out to so many colours.

The hours of sitting were made less.
And the pains sustained were also relieved.
Then they took me up from there.
We walked pleasantly smooth with a pouring heart.
Lavender you were,put my heart in your empty porcelain.

My eyes became speechless even as yours made lofty speeches.
You knew that,I hadn’t my heart anymore.
You stole it at the perfect request.
I didn’t worry.
You promised it’d be safe forever.

You led our ways to one path.
Everyday was called our day.
If I rose in the sun,
You’d set in the same.
Distant days were the farthest fares together.

Pretty soon,
You began to empty that day’s content.
When I stooped to let my eyes talk again,
They only spoke in whispers.
That,you’ve been waiting for me.

The portion of my heart you returned wanted to stay.
I hadn’t even agreed.
Until they began to curse the distance from my back to you.
I sent them back with questions from me.
Did I make you feel like cheating?

I wasn’t going too far.
Neither was there any other colour as lovely as lavender.
There was just a flare of dimness from your heart.
Sorry if I made you feel like cheating.
Save your only porcelain for our darkest hour.

© Tydale Bassey Abigail

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