02 Eve – Delight Asaphs


Eve – Delight Asaphs

delight Asaphs

delight asaphs

Whispers of life, flicker through the night
Or was it day? I couldn’t tell
Yahweh’s breath puffed through my nostrils
Ah! I came alive
A strong masculine creation
The first of my kind.
The trees, the animals, the wind
embraced me.
I was a god, made by a God
The tigers took my orders
The seas went where I commanded
Yet, something was missing.
What was it? Was I not supreme?
Was there not a whole world under my feet?
A deep sleep I’d fallen into
Mesmerized by gleaming lights
& sparkling skies.
I woke to the smell of burning wood
Hmm…I could smell something cooking
A silhouette leaned in the distance
Graceful hair and shapes I saw
Who was this magnificent other?
A superior or lesser god?
Little steps, I made for her
My! She was like a flower
In the springing spring
A bellé, an alluring goddess
Ah! I’d discovered what felt missing…
I leaned over & grabbed her hand
My queen, a bone of my bone
We’ll rule the world and dance together
With the trees and birds as our audience
I’ll cherish you for who you are
A beauty, a perfect companion
One I will adore as darling and friend.
There’s no stronger & weaker with you
You were made for me
& I for you
Together, we’ll live
In likeness & equality
For eternity.
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