For Tomorrow- Tydale Bassey Abigail


“For Tomorrow”

Married waves in single waters
Tell of a tale
Of those hairless legs
Stepping into its body.

How careful her sole
To tread on every sinking sand
And glide through soft periwinkles that hurt
From the dawn of each passing day.

Watching o’er the tides in tempting dance
She uncovered her warmth to the cold of the sea
To ride on her in succession
From beneath to the man on her back.

There would be no hush
No mackerel would jump over my head
All the crabs would simply dine without tasting of the edge of your wrapper
If the land sent us not into the sea.

Let our plates starve until at dusk
We have no need of the well water
It tastes so sweet to drink of the water refined in salt
That the day shall see what star the night hides.

Before the sofas wailed for my buttocks
She had given me a seat on her back
Then it became pretty soft to sleep at sea
All that the land had richly ceased from us.

Then came the city
The plants in a duel
To win the heart of my fortress
But for me, she vowed never to marry the land again.

In that day, my legs felt the coldness from inside the sea
We borrowed calling leaves for the debt of passing a night
Slowly, she sent me into the shallow home
To fetch forever until I grow.

I longed for the pleasures of the land
But the sea reminded me of the basket she kept to collect every shell
In it were the stories of toiling for my future
That, I’d always know how mother sank in sea to keep me on the land.

© Tydale Bassey Abigail

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