Future- Tydale Bassey Abigail



Spoiled air,
Stark sky,
Stormy days,
Violent winds,
Turbulent seas,
Cold nights,
Are all I can see.

A few legs stepping on too many toes…
Their shoes called oppression;
Their buckles, fitted for suppression.
Their soles, designed for affliction.
To injure those whose flesh are almost voiceless.
These are all what I can see.

Truth tracks tracing their ways to lies streets.
Pity pills paying their prices to callous kings.
Compassion carriers calling out to heart heartedness.
Hospitality homes housing herbs to harm affection.
These are all what I can see.

So, our ages shrink at every edge.
Our seasons fade at every glance.
Moments lost at every time.
Smiles broken at every chance.
Joys sentenced at every event.
Happiness stolen at every situation
And life died at every breath.

But, I can see even farther.
Stars twinkling in the dark skies.
Tides dozing on the turbulent seas.
Legs that can watch out,
Not making a step nor hurt on other toes.
Seasons that are borne in the sun.
And forever that smiles on everyday.

©Tydale Bassey Abigail.
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