01 “Gender-In-equality” by Sonia Batra

"Gender-In-equality" by Sonia Batra

“Gender-In-equality” by Sonia Batra

She could never understand what made a man more
Was it his mortal manhood between his groins
Which always wanted blissful enteries in alleys( vaginas) of her
Was it because of his super muscles, his physical strength,
when she was more emotionally brave in handling the situations
Pillars of strength with a backbone
Was he more intelligent because of increased number of neurons
and his wobbly Y Chromosome,
when she had proved diligently that she was as capable in every sphere, all the more
How was she inferior when she was the chosen vehicle for procreation with wombs,
the ultimate plan of this nature, the phenomenon behind the chemistry’s involved..
Then why was it that little acts of violence against her,
were considered expression of love, and she was tutored well in the lessons of toleration,
sacrificing her desires for the man and kids she loved
Why was it that she was paid less for the same tasks she did as men
Even the developed nations couldn’t fend themselves for that
Well the only way to break this was to go against the age old belief systems,
where the women was held less
And to break the mind sets, of men and women alike,
where she is given due respect, respect as equal and reciprocal,
So my shout out to all of you, let’s teach our sons to take women as equals,
treat them fairly, as every woman loves a fair man and to our daughters that they have a right to say No,
no to things they don’t want or deserve.
Any objections?
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