“I Have A Memory” – Tydale House


“I Have A Memory”

I remember that I was tender
A member that did not render
Any manner useful but many cries
As milder than untold lies
And soon I learnt to sit
And stretch my legs a bit
I was curious to walk among others
So, I walked towards patters.

I remember that I read
I had triggered to be made
One small brilliant pupil
From a timid local jest that was gentle
Within a rapid blow of positive energy
Where dumbness would be sung an elegy
I was apt to share pleasantry
On rapid deviation from peasantry.

I remember still that I wrote
I needed to shine a mind that was remote
To rinse some brains that were dusty
And oil a thousand hands that were rusty
Then I hoped to regain to myself
Sheer empathy from the bookshelf
And so, I simmered my earnest desire
To write and never retire.

© Tydale Bassey Abigail

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