I Need You, Hart – Tydale Bassey Abigail

“I Need You,Hart”

Standing over this bridge,there’s all to what my eyes can see.
I have delighted so much in the beauty of the sea side.
I have got only crabbed emotions for the tutors in my home.
But,there’s what opens my ears at twilight.
Steps and sounds and voices.
All walking to give a calm.
They’re not strange to the voices I know.
I can always tell when he calls,and when she answers.
I don’t mind walking into that quarters.
But,my heart keeps visiting.

I have always wanted to share a time with Hart.
Not because he’s good,
But to find answers to the visits my heart keeps making.
My eyes are craving at every sound from that courtyard.
I would love to go in there soon.
I would love to make some sound if it’ll be heard by another.
This would be farewell to the sea side.
I would not run into the scene.
Pretty little steps would be the fastest now.
I must go.

Cold has come.
There’s this torrent from the comely breeze that lives here.
Oh, I wish!
I wish I knew!
No one person sings to the heart I listen.
There are always two.
I am just myself.
Receive these screams from my heart-Hart.
I need you only before the twilight sleeps.

Emma,I am here.
The cold called that I be here.
I never heard your voice enough.
Let it get even darker so I can see your soul with the eyes in my heart.
We have this one word
Together just for now.
Kiss my lips into your palms.
But,do not call back after now.
I only bid that you live in your heart
And take visits to my heart only at twilight.

© Tydale Bassey Abigail
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