Justina – Tydale Bassey Abigail



What is your face,but a document of smiles?
I look into your eyes and my sacred nude is polished.
There reserves in your nostrils refreshing scents for my weak days.
And your beautiful mind is only a scripture for my continuity.

Written in your palms are episodes of me.
One mark tells of the union we shared from the womb.
You’ve had the scar retained from teaching me the good way.
And your fists are pillars of strength since my earliest toddling days.

How many hectares of farmland can cultivate your love?
Lavender blossoms are neither too colorful for your dance.
Niagara Falls too,have not the highest height to measure your care.
And the dunes of the Sahara have pretty fair layers for the depth of your support.

Let me sing you a song of the Ancients.
It is said that the suitors you had yesterday
Have together written to their sons
That their walls were all crafted from the tenderness of your hopes.

I have a picture of you that brightens my day.
I made it of yellow for your name shines like the dazzling sun.
I made your skin of black for the beauty your ebony instills.
This shape of your figure I choose because, your up and down have made great tributes to my existence.

The wealth you’ve got are continuous ink to my desk.
The juice from your breast is most delicious.
Even the prayers from your knees are most gracious.
Such that your sight is ever a monument of life.

This word have I for you today.
Of the pets you’ve tamed among all beasts.
And of the fortunes your head has carried out of every burden.
That you are the mother of my life.

*Dedicated to Justina(My Mother).
*Happy Mother’s Day!

© Tydale Bassey Abigail

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