Lesser Than Half – Tydale Bassey Abigail

“Lesser Than Half”

Over edges and brims of chances
Did my heart leap for you.
Pretty days made humbly soft
As lousy heat humbled through yards and pounds of our flesh.
So many scents gathered on that field
In the wake to give us our fill.

There would no rain launch a fall on our sensual skins.
Neither would the storm make a plough to hurt our feet.
We’d seen the calling days of a closer love,
And had wished to meet the ready days of an acceptable life.
One road we’d only wanted to pass through,
That same we’d take worthy steps to stab its door.

All the people seated by would to no noise make us hear.
Not a glance of their bulging eyes would to our hearts fail to prick.
If ever there were our names written in this city,
So much more than what we were ever called as babes,
Not a breathe of our people’s plea
Would’ve saved our wall from this crack.

Looking sternly at the dram on this desk,
All its taste tells a story,
Not the least I’ll let go in this letter,
For every word came directly from the first hour
The moment our yearns made a hatch
No one ever knew, but us.

Perhaps,in the golden days of our memory,
From the serene towns of our imagination,
And into the lovely home of our fantasy,
Where the eggs only roll on the velvet glass.
‘Tis just the fate we forgot to cleanse from thence
That all we did was lesser than half.

© Tydale Bassey Abigail

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