Maiden Of Hosea- Tydale Bassey Abigail

 “Maiden Of Hosea”

You were the star I knew the name.
For I watched from the entire beginning.
I promised to watch you until eternity.
Your brillance wasn’t exceedingly great.
But into the sky,
I sent a billion thousand sparkles to prove your worth.
Every other star bred a valuable envy.

My first visit brought our son to earth.
He should have been like me.
We’d thought him brighter as the sun.
Just to be the lion among the bears.
But,this was very far.
Maybe you taught him the glittering lessons.
They weren’t the truth I came with.

Another day,
I heard your name within the city walls.
No woman called that.
More than twice,the men of my country did.
They wanted to speak in low tunes.
But yet,their laughter had a drop of your tear in them.
It was the only sweat they could be proud of.

When I retired to the distant oak,
There,my eyes told a story.
It showed me the city’s whore.
In the farthest parts of Israel,
I saw her welcoming breasts.
Her skin of gold send letters to all the merchants from distant lands.
She was pleased to make her husband cry.

No night brought darkness to me.
Even the sun heat me from trying to look at my only star.
I became sorrowful for all the day long.
How’d I lost the wife of my youth?
Then did I tell them to say to their mother
Let her return to me,for I married her with a price.

If she refuses,
I shall cease all her linen.
I’d tell all my brethren not to sell flax to the one I love.
She shall go uncovered.
I shall not bring a shade in the day of the mighty rain.
Neither shall a covering bring I,on the day of the scorching sun.

In the vales of the South,I have written with an holy ink.
On the mounts of the North,my trumps have sounded with righteous bits.
The trees of the wood have my letters to her on every leaf.
The gates into the city have been laid with the name of my beloved.
I’d make her the most beautiful bride even to the ends of the earth.
Thus,return O Israel to the Lord your God.

© Tydale Bassey Abigail

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