12 Man VS Woman by Blqckmqn_James♠️

Man VS Woman by Blqckmqn_James♠️
Man VS Woman by Blqckmqn_James♠️

Man VS Woman by Blqckmqn_James♠️


It is said that a woman is never expected to raise her voice at her man—it shows a sign of disrespect. I agree. But what happens to the man? Should such knowledge crown his ignorance and make the judgment bias to just one gender? You tell me.

“Men, swallow your pride!”, I agree. But one thing I know for sure is that women are proud beings too— but, in a more subtle way. Pride isn’t gender related so stop weighing it upon the shoulders of another if you’re too proud to admit the sin in you.
I’m not attacking, it’s a recommendation.

“You think being a man is easy?”, bros,calm flesh first. You, try being a woman for a day. Yes, though she doesn’t sweat for money as the Bible says of a man, but she knows pain on a monthly basis as a reminder of the experience of childbirth she’d encounter. She’s much weaker in muscular strength doesn’t mean she doesn’t go through wear and tear as you do.

“Help me tell them oh!”, sister, because a man doesn’t usually express the pain he goes through daily doesn’t mean he’s immune to the plague of it. And just because money flow comes faster than the river Jordan for you while it  trickles for him doesn’t mean he’s not working, it also doesn’t mean you are the most hardworking either.

For centuries men have been taught that being a man is taking the responsibility of providing for the family and protecting them. And women have been taught that caring for the children and the home is was their obligation. They were both taught to honor each other. H-O-N-O-U-R.

But when men tend to abuse authority as the head of the house; and women tend to stand up against men— demanding equality, dishonor is bred; hatred, disrespect, discrimination, favoritism and condemnation spring up.

In my opinion, it is the recent desires of the 20/21st century men and women— men with their lust for utter respect and fear from women, and women craving for equality in rights and responsibilities, independence and to some extent—ruler-ship over the male gender, that creates such disharmony in the world today.

Eventually, there has been a fast-lane of evolution in responsibilities and demands from both gender, creating a new order that seems to displace humanity. But, it is in understanding the God-given identities that men and women will accept their rights, and not seek to push limits against the other.

After reading through all of this I’ve exposed to your mind, do you agree with this? Or what would you rather recommend?


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