03 “MAY THE BEST MAN WIN” by Richard Jackson

may the best man win by Richard Johnson

may the best man win by Richard Johnson

Ladies and gentlemen
This is a battle to the death
Gender wars, males versus females
The journey of life
A toast

On your mark, set and boom
The wheel of life rewinds
The Genesis isn’t that far
This weather is frightening
The thunder and lightning are having a lovely day

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Who’d be superior between the sound wave and the light wave
Female wolves weren’t meant to be hunters
Maybe the male bear should protect her kids
Flower pollination should be on different stems
Both shouldn’t coexist

Ding dong, back to the theater
A rib formed my first beta kind
A different specie rod-less but with a womb
That your attacks leave residues that forms life
Maybe a different specie should hold your residues

Can I be productive?
Can I be educated?
Can I be wealthy?
Can I be my dreams?
Yes I can

I can cos I am
Yes I am
A woman
Not a feminist
Our successes are not a function of either rod or holes

So may the best man win
The race to succeed
May the best man win
The journey to death
May the best woman win
I am human, you are too
We’re in this shit together!!!

Was that clear enough?

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