“Miss You So Much” – Tydale House


“Miss You So Much”

If I could say a word with the dumbness in my mouth,
If I could see the distance dancing away from the shortness of my sight,
And if I could lay hold on the ‘apart’ness sneaking outta my hands,
I would know how really near you’re away from me,
But, I miss you.

Heavy hail let loose on my heart tonight.
And the stars have painted my room with faded brilliance.
I can only count the courtesy from cold in the bleakness of your warm touch
Shielding my smiles secretly from the memory of your love.
I really miss you.

Let me throw these thirsty arrows to you.
They will pierce you through when they arrive.
But every hole they’ll bore will be stains from from the seasons in the sun,
Making tonight a haven lost in hell
Because, I really miss you.

© Tydale Bassey Abigail

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