My 22 Dailies by Tydale Bassey Abigail

First Words

Dear friend,

I’ve got joy in my heart today as in many other days. But far from this, is the special feeling that November 1 brings. It’s a time to recollect the needs, tendencies, vulnerabilities, successes and failures that have come through the year. Today, I do not just desire growth, but I’m interested in maximum growth and development, that’s why I’m intentional about living the good life.

So clear, I’ve come to see that life is like is a dumping ground, many people come by it. Some drop the valuables off their hands, others pick them up. Making choices is a matter of the heart, mind and brain and the best choices are made in a school of these three. But the value of choice solely rests on principles. However, drafting principles and being able to live by them are two separate conditions which we ought to understand.

Now that I am 22, I’ve decided to maneuver life in its most productive terms; setting the principles and making them workable. I found it really exciting to share my book of lessons with you who are part of the vision that ‘the world ought to be’ other than ‘the world is’. You might want to look out for so many lessons most dear to you, but I have compiled only 22 called My 22 Dailies. Even more interesting is the fact that, I’ve made them into quite short and simple essays you’d find resourceful. In the meantime, while we await its finishing, I would make a show of highlighting the themes. I hope these would add value to your life. From the first are;

  • Should you have faith?
  • Hope springs eternal
  • God hears and answers even the most silent prayers
  • Let only love fill your heart (Forgiveness keeps your heart at peace)
  • Polish your standards with kindness (Never fail to use the five magic words)
  • You are your greatest investment (Mind your business)
  • A life without ‘savings’ would be a future disaster
  • Get a good education, make money and dress well
  • A life plan without death is an incomplete one
  • Half plans are no plans; draw them to the end
  • Failure is the most interesting part of your success story
  • You are society; build a testament of ‘humanity’ with your works
  • Smile also when in tears
  • Your silent time is your most special time
  • Keep a company, but stand out in the crowd
  • Write your story while you live
  • Be that leader
  • “We should all be feminists”
  • Diet, exercise and rest are necessary for a healthy living
  • Intentional living is a key
  • The more we appreciate differences in people, the merrier we would be
  • It is enough to live for today; tomorrow is another day.

That was straight to the heart, I suppose? You’ve just got to be up for the good of yourself and society. That is why you’re alive. I love to say, ‘fame would be a crying ghost if we hadn’t footprints on the soil’. A lot have stamped right here; others only waver, which would you choose? It’s up to you to be willing and ready to make a life out of yourself, because if every other thing doesn’t really matter, you do. Your life matters and society follows.

While I would come to a not so abrupt close, I would request you exercise a bit of patience as the complete work comes to you soon. Thanks!

Let’s celebrate life!

Say a word of prayer too.

All I want for my birthday is a life laden with goodness in words and deeds.


A merry birthday to me!

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cc: Tydale Bassey Abigail. Photo credit: Monami (Judeson Ataisi)

Written by Tydale Abigail

November 1, 2019.

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