“Never Farewell” – Tydale House


“Never Farewell”

Every tender hour I’ve looked into your eyes,
Green days keep shading the edges of grey memories.
Bleak stars twerk endlessly for the news of a brighter glory,
And my veins struggle in fruitful ambition for the truce of now and later.

I remember mother telling me how cute you were on the night I was born.
She even told me how glittering your brown teeth were on the day I was christened.
And the softness your hands radiated on the days I made my first steps…
Forcing my lips to smile away all the tears.

But the best bets I’ve borne with her are legit…
Teaching me the wonders of being a girl,
Stressing also the sweetness of having a suitor,
And filling my thoughts with the joys of being a mother.

If moments were ever counted backwards,
I’d sleep on your breasts forever.
But, since life grows in tomorrow,
I’d never bid you farewell either.

The only thing I want you to know is that,
Even when I have possessed a shared hut in marriage,
I can always find shelter in the roof of your heart.
I can always live in the coldness of your discipline too.

When my wrapper can no longer contain only my legs,
My offspring and I will wrap ourselves in the blessings of your old age.
So even when my statue breasts will only remember to sleep all day long,
My open eyes will never sleep at the happiness of multiplying your yard.

Father, let my brothers secure your name in their waists.
But, I promise to engrave our love in the souls of tomorrow.
No matter how far I could live with my new family as a wife,
I’d never bid you farewell even in death.

©Tydale Bassey Abigail.

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