Queen In Shreds – Tydale Bassey Abigail

“Queen In Shreds”

It was before the rains
That she arrived.
All through those innocent days
She was safe.
Little callings appeared
Not from as far as she knew
But from as near as she knew not.

She often saw how large one man’s eyes could grow in seconds.

In the bleak of seasons
He only called to her.
If it were him alone
No one would have distrusted his woe from the smile.
Alas,he sent a message to his companions
One after another
She pushed her way through.

She had almost known how one man’s heart could plead in seconds.

Then the muttering lips became unsatisfied.
She could go for days without a flare of their lectures.
Even when she swept the breeze of voicelessness
They received a million strength to approach her going home.

Then she knew how pretty smart,a man’s cunniness could play.

Now that she’s been told of her adorable lady
How quick he kicked her bottom
And sapped all her flavor.
She’s turned to her memory.
She’s decided to engage herself from them.
The last time I checked,she told me
She was afraid of them
She was neither engaged to the engagement.

Now she knows pretty well,how best to kill a man’s first glance in seconds.

*Inspired by Sandra Eyo.
© Tydale Bassey Abigail

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