Rise Up – Tydale Bassey Abigail


“Rise Up”

•You were there when the traveling wind travelled into the shores of your creek.
You were there when the angry mountain delivered its sands into your basin.

You were there when the tyrant rain beat your course with hail drops.
You were there when hostile men paddled their heavy logs across the smoothness of your skin.
Still, you were there, when that unruly sun stole the sweat from your face into the cabin of its clouds.
You were there,
Buried in the veil of your own tears.

•And when the hours heard the heights of your story,
And the days dived into the dunes of your draining sorrows,
The seasons sailed across the Script of your growing sadness,
And the sight of you was a pity to the dreams of your youth…
The school boy cried because he had never seen you rise.
You were there,
Buried in the veil of your own tears.

•So now you stand, resting on the pillar of time.
Your bed in the heart of the city;
You sleep in the expectations of the crowd.
You don’t really bother yourself with the rudeness of the sun
Because you know that at twilight, your glow is paradise to the eyes.
You are here,
Dancing in the flows of your fountain.

•You’ve escaped from the mountain side to the centres of the streets.
You’ve stolen the people’s hearts from the fog at the country side to the beauty of your being.
And the sun will never boast to rise up alone no more,
Neither will the wind feel it is the only lady that can make waves in the city…
Because you stand above the plains of the sky and the earth at twilight.
This is where you are,
Rise up!

Imoh Monami
📷 Monami
©Tydale Bassey Abigail.

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