Saint Thirteen – Tydale Bassey Abigail

“Saint Thirteen”

I have won the battle.
I have fought a good fight of faith.
I have defeated beasts.
I have crossed many waters.
Not one of these have I done,but Him.

The churches in Rome.
The saints in Corinth.
The brethren in Jerusalem.
Know of all the old old stories.
Not one of these have I done,but Him.

In the wavy fields by Galilee.
Near the rocky mountains of Greece.
And in the turn of the comely breeze of Jordan.
The natives can testify.
Not one of these have I done,but Him.

On my royal horse back.
Into the way most familiar.
Here is the gift Damascus offers.
My Lord!
On this bare floor,they know it’s not I,but you.

These orders are from the Emperor.
Not one of them have claimed so saintly clean.
My worship alone,not theirs,does He seek.
Stone Stephen so he shall see.
Not one of these did I think I did,but Him.

Here are the traditions of our fathers.
Tarsus! You have birthed so much in me.
This day at the feet of Gamaliel do I swear.
That not one of these will I do,but yours.

© Tydale Bassey Abigail

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