Take me to a Den of Colors- Tydale Bassey Abigail

“Take me to a Den of Colors”

The burden of vision groans

In the confused hue lines of eyes-are-crying.

Take me to a den of colors

To see not the spiky stems

Of memories and sorrows.

Show me fields dressed with lavender and Azania

In colors graceful and royal as purple.


Find me wild plants laden with freesias and daisy,

Anter of marigolds dancing by the way,

Velvet touch of sand in the sun,

Caressing the sole of my feet

As fine air wraps iris with pro-tea

And I swim in and out of pig face.

Let a host of sun flowers gallop

In blue skies pregnant with big fat clouds;


Birds singing,

Insects chirping,

Like a Christmas party,

Tease my brilliant imaginations

Through colorful afternoons

Bring hopes of eternity

In the den of colors

And live with them.

©Tydale Abigail.


Tydale Abigail is a Nigerian historian and poet.

She writes popularly on politics and leadership, African history and girl child empowerment, with a focus towards reconstructing a history of Africa in use of poetry.

Tydale loves to draw and paint also. She lives in Calabar, Nigeria.

She can  be reached via:

Email Address: tydaleabigail@gmail.com

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