The Law – Tydale Bassey Abigail



“The Law”

If ever there was no Him
To plant this garden
And fetch to it all that was dear.
Then place a desirable sculpture in its midst
Of a vast ocean of four corners
Who would have pointed through our eyes
A most daring never to that only one
Except that,there was the Law.

If also there was no her
Amongst all the pleasures of loneliness
To make a head out of our night
That he came so furious than the next
And in the tide of brotherliness
Swept a bond for a rupee’s worth of acceptance.
He flushed his talking blood and got a label forever.
Who would not have touched him,except that He gave the Law?

If ever Jacob went into Rachael alone
And never set an eye on the smiles of Leah
Then sent leisure sons in his dream
Not making Judah of his loins
That they would hereafter lay the foundations of Egypt
And make a way home to Canaanland.
Standing before the Head of the mountains to learn from Moses’ Scroll.
How would they have lived again except that He wrote them the Law?

If neither in the city of Sushan
There was not a Hebrew
And Vashti was not to live as she pleased.
When the satraps would know not the guilt of her highness
Nor call her to order
How Modercai would not tell of the two men’s tale
But to Esther not show an interest in their salvation.
His house only wished until their death that Haman knew,His Law was divine.

If ever you would know
And not let it depart from your heart
Nor let the breeze of this world not to play with your garment
Not even to the buds of alluring demons
In the green fields of your living blood
Harbour impunity into His Holy Knowledge
The moment you are gone will only tell
That He had established the Saving Law.


 © Tydale Bassey Abigail


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