Women Obey Their Lying Emotions? – Tydale Bassey Abigail


“Women Obey Their Lying Emotions?”

Give me the smile that you bring.
Let my hands open not with quickening scents.
Put it into these opens hands in the meekest tonnes.
And let my heart desire the gift in my hands.

How many questions have I to give to my mind?
Even how many answers have my heart begun to search for?
Sunrise and sunset have become mere passersby.
The only times I can record are the bits sounding so loud from within me.

Could this be what mother talked about?
Perhaps,these are the times she only tapped my chin for I could only speak with my eyes.
The captivity that frees my only smile in his arms.
That I live just for him to please.

So many are the needs that I never needed.
And much more are the lives I hadn’t ever hoped to live.
In just this little strand of my heart,he’s built a castle.
And in it also,he cannot live without me.

He bids me sing even with rushing tears.
Not only that!
A day without his touch,brings furious warriors from my sensual county.
I still want to conquer them the very moment I rest my head on his breast.

Oh that he knows!
My lips have smashed his for not giving me a time to rest.
Say to him that,my hands have grown weary for being held that long.
Yea! This corner of me screams for never living without his share.

But then,to him alone are my arms stretched out to.
There is no warmth that’s warmer than the hairs of his breast.
I wish that some day he knows
My life has disobeyed me only to be with him.

  © Tydale Bassey Abigail

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