“Yes” – Tydale House


Ticking louder than the man on the wall
Are the songs from memory lane.
They fall in elegant bits of forceful seduction
Arraigned with the character of careful emotion.

From the top of the walls,are the moments designed in green grasses.
Enclosed in the room,they linger aboard on the open fields.
Cracked kitchen wares retain fervent colors from imaginary faces.
And quick bathes are prolonged by the longing fantasy.

There are no ties to these already touched against.
Let the fragrance from far away smell into mother’s nostrils.
Perhaps,someone would learn to blow the whistle
That,these days are a call to saying yes.

I’ve counted your turns this thirty-eighth time.
That day, you swam in the snow
How funny it was when I watched with tears from our balcony.
Your meal was full of tears which I caused.

Yesterday, I ran after the train
But it traveled faster than my legs.
I needed you to read those prints from my feet.
All of them cried that I never said no yet.

Sorry for running through your eyes.
I didn’t mean to skip away.
Time only helped shape my mouth
So I could be able to say yes today.

*Excerpt from “I Said Yes.”
© Tydale Bassey Abigail

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