How To Get Your Ios Device Approved For Two-Factor Authentication

How To Get Your Ios Device Approved For Two-Factor Authentication:

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Apple introduced two-factor authentication (2FA) in 2015 to provide an enhanced level of security when accessing Apple ID accounts. With 2FA enabled, you’ll be the only person who can access your account, regardless of whether someone learns your password – as the result of a hack or a phishing scam, for example – so it’s well worth taking the time to enable the feature.
How To Get Your Ios Device Approved For Two-Factor Authentication: Resulting form the rise of security concerns faced by iPhone users, the need for two-factor authentication has become necessary. Without any doubt, it provides you a feeling of security. When it comes to two-factor authentication on apple id you also need to ensure you have continuous access to your trusted devices and phone number to avoid the tragedy of getting locked out of your apple device simply because two-factor authentication has not been approved on the trusted device.
How To Get Your Ios Device Approved For Two-Factor Authentication

How To Get Your Ios Device Approved For Two-Factor Authentication

How To Have Your Device Approved

To protect your apple id from being misused we introduce the two-factor authentication mechanism to safeguard private data in the case of a theft or device misplacement or hacking. Anytime a user wants to authenticate an apple id on a new device or sign in to the apple website, a code is sent to the trusted apple device such as iPhone, iPad, mac or your phone number.

When you see a message to approve your device once you have the two-factor authentication enabled, it means that you have turned it on using your apple account.

Your device needs to be approved first in order to receive the authentication code. Immediately after an iPhone is approved for two-factor authentication it will successfully receive the code to approve sign in.

This article provides a step by step process on how to process on how you can approve a new device for two-factor authentication and start receiving codes on it.


How To Approve Two-Factor Authentication With Another Device

You can easily approve your ios device by using a verification code received from apple


  • Open one of your trusted devices. This could be a previously approved device


  • You will receive a sign-in attempt notification on the screen of your trusted device. Click on “allow” to view the code.


  • Enter the code displaying on your trusted device into the device you are currently trying to approve.


   Approve Your iPhone Via Text Or Call

In a case that you cannot access your trusted device, there is always an option of approving your device through call or text messaging. The verification code is sent via sms or via call to your trusted phone number. This is included in the two-factor authentication set up procedure.


Here Are The Steps

  • Select ‘didnt get a verification code’


  • A popup will occur on your screen, select send the code to your trusted number.


  • Your trusted phone number will receive an sms or a call. In order to complete the process you need to type the code you see or hear on the call into your new apple device.


Get A Code Using the Settings Menu: 

How To Approve An iPhone For Two-Factor Authentication

How To Approve An iPhone For Two-Factor Authentication

In case you are unable to receive automatic codes and cannot make a call or receive a text, you can go create a code via the settings menu of your trusted device. This can be done despite the trusted device being offline. This way an authentication code can be manually generated and entered into the new device in order for it to be added to your list of approved devices.


To achieve this the following needs to be done.

  • On an already trusted ios device go to settings and tap on your name from the top. If your device is older, this may require tapping on i-cloud to find your name on the menu.


  • Then go to password and security.



Now here you go your device has been successfully approved for two-factor authentication.

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