Famous Exclusive Wears UYO- Ep1


Famous Exclusive Wears UYO- Ep1:

Famous Exclusive Wears is the home of the best Quality trendy wears from the city of UYO, located at number 371 oron road uyo and we at #KID_Africa are it’s online digital marketing platform, what this means is that,we help simplify digitally the process of purchasing seamlessly from their offline store, we also serve as a display portal to advertise and update the latest stocks available so our viewers and its customers residing in the geographical region (UYO) can have access and stay updated

n/b: Every item displayed on this platform has been tested and trusted to be genuine and authentic, so feel save to place your order

How to Purchase: 1.) select as much items as you will, text the item codes to 09057236238 to validate your order, then call 08164957670 for directions

2.) come to 371 oron Road (Famous Exclusive wears) with the pictures you texted and claim your order

Strictly on a first come, first save basis so get texting…

Forbes Bonus: For any 3 or more items purchased, For an additional 10% fee of the entire price, #KID_Africa shuttle agents will have it delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours of placing your order (only for those living in Uyo)

Famous Exclusive Wears UYO- Ep1:




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